Your brand is a reflection of you, your vision for your business and product. It assimilates the quality and services your customer can expect to receive. Building a brand you and your customers love and resonate with is our goal.


Why does my business need a formal Brand and CI? 

  • Credibility and Trust: All of us make buying decisions based on our perception of the product or brand we encounter. Your brand is the first step to increase your business credibility and customer trust.
  • Recognition: This is the face of your business, the one people instantly recognise. Your logo should showcase your business, quality, service and should be memorable.
  • Supporting your Advertising: You cannot increase your business reach without advertising and your brand will help to support this.
  • Inspires Customers and Employees: As brands create trust, you find that employees and customers that resonate with your brand will be more loyal and will recommend your business to others.


What services do we provide?

We have several brand package available for you to choose from, covering: 

  1. Logo and Branding design
  2. Corporate Identity Design
  3. Product Design which includes the set up of production-ready artwork for packaging or product labels. 
  4. Printable items which include artwork for Vehicle signage design, Brochures, invoice books, business cards and more
  5. Website design, visual graphics and photo or video editing.
  6. Marketing Collateral - Visual graphics for multiple platforms